CEO takes $930K pay cut to give staff raises

Greed and the greed of the elite have always been the essential points to these divided states.

President Obama had ALWAYS said he could not increase/boast the economy on his own; it takes people such as Dan Price. It DEFINITELY helps when people vote in the congressional races as it is Congress that has the MAJORITY of the power.

What a great story about a man that not only reinvested in the company but also believed in his employees so much so, that he invested in them!

Kudos to Mr. Dan Price and those like him!

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CEO Dan Price of Gravity PaymentsDan Price, who has just cut his own pay $930K to make his firm’s “minimum wage” $70K/year, graduated from a Christian high school and went to a Christian college but says this is a business decision.

This week’s most startling financial news comes out of Seattle, where the CEO of credit card processing firm Gravity Paymentsannounced he would take a $930,000 pay cut to make sure every member of the firm’s staff earned at least $70,000 a year.

Gravity is a small firm of 120 that CEO Dan Price founded at age 19 in an effort to reduce the costs of credit card processing to small businesses. More than half the employees will get raises under his plan, some of them doubling their pay checks. Price himself will be earning $70,000 — decidedly countering the national trend which has CEOs earning, on average, 350 times as much

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