Student Sues Catholic High School For Failing To Combat Racial Harassment From Classmates

There is no doubt in my mind that this student would suffer from depression! I mean honestly, how is he supposed to concentrate in such a harassing and threatening environment!

When he told his teacher – an authoritative – he was denied his right to report the harassing encounter. Instead of the teacher helping him, he was told to sit down. (In my mind, she saw him as being either too sensitive or combative and not only wanted him to sit down, but to be quiet.)

That poor kid.

I know nothing about the law, but I certainly hope that the lawyer is able to win this case in sake of the kid and those that follow.

Black America Web

The family of a former student at a Madison, Wisconsin parochial high school has filed a lawsuit against the school and its two top administrators over claims of unchecked racial harassment, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Blake Broadnax, an African-American student, and his parents, Keith and Rena, allege that Edgewood High School, its president Michael Elliott, and its principal Robert Growney, failed to discipline students whose racial taunts caused Broadnax to leave the school in December 2013, the report says.

From 2011 through December 2013, Broadnax was subject to repeated racial harassment and bullying, the Sentinel writes. In many cases, the defendants listed above were made aware of the incidents, but failed to take action.

These ranged from students calling Broadnax a slave to the n-word, according to the Sentinel:

– When a teacher in Broadnax’s freshman year religion class asked someone to…

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